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In many forms of writing essay is also a one form of writing practiced in every part of the world in different languages and sometimes in a little bit different format. Writing an essay on any topic is basically covering the every possible detail of that topic provided to the reader. The contexts of essays vary generally depending on the topic of the essay. Like if an essay has to be written on some personality then life period and achievements of that persons are explained in an essay. If an essay has to be written on some place then the history and geography of that place is written and its importance is explained from different point of views like from defense, political and economical. Generally while writing an essay, the best of the how to essay examples is to follow the rule that is called as four Ws and One H this rule different perspective of the topics are covered for four Ws are who, when, what, where and for one H is How. When an essay is written on these bases then generally a comprehensive and well informative essay is formed. Essay writing is a common activity in students of different classes. They are generally provided with the different types of essay topics and are also advised to learn the essays written on those topics. For writing an essay the most important thing is the understanding of the topic.

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Generally students are provided with the topics Education on which they had to write a comprehensive essay. But sometimes students are also provided with the chance of choosing topics by themselves. The essays whose topics have to be chosen by students are generally called as How to essays. These are the essays in which generally a process is explained or a procedure or rule for doing something is defined. The purpose of these types of essays is to provide valuable information to the readers. So the first step is to decide a topic of How to essay and then collecting the relevant information on that topic. The topics of these types of essays are in the form of questions.

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But the question asked should be appropriate enough for producing a good piece of information. Like if a person asks “why daylight is better than dark” then it is an inappropriate question but if a person ask “How to utilize maximum daylight” then it is a proper question. So, how to essays cover large number of topics and it is dependent on the person that how that person provides the maximum knowledge about that topic.